Thursday, August 16, 2012

Review: Maybelline The Mega Plush Volum' Express mascara

Hello Ladies! I was really in the mood to blog tonight so decided why not review mascara? something I have a lot of experience with. Now when choosing a mascara, it's almost like choosing a boyfriend...or choosing what frap your gonna order from starbucks this other words, its personal! A mascara that works wonders on your bff jill might not do anything for you. It really depends on what lashes god has blessed you with. Im not a lash expert, but i know what works for me. I don't like to purchase high end mascara because i use a lot of mascara, i like my lashes very dark and noticable so i tend to go through a tube once a month. who could bare to spend 30 bucks a month on mascara when you can get one for 7 bucks at target? not me! Anyways... I have been blessed with some alright lashes... there curly and a good length (i've seen longer and i've seen shorter) Pictured below is a before and after picture of my lashes with and without case it wasn't obvious the top is without and the bottom is with.
So that being said...i look for a mascara thats going to get my lashes noticed, something that adds a little lenth and a lot of volume. I have noticed that maybelline has never let me down so i tend not to experiment outside of my comfort brand. My all time favorite mascara that i have probably re-purchased more then a dozen times is "Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express" (pictured below)

(i do not own this picture)

So you may ask, if thats your all time favorite mascara, then why even bother to try a new one? well im always up for a new mascara if it looks some what promising...that being said when maybelline came out with a new mascara "The Mega Plush Volum' Express" it got a TON of hype...and all of it was good, how could i not try it? Enough blabber...on to the review i go!
(i do not own this picture)

As you can see, the actual brushes dont look too different at first glance...but if you look closer Colossal is more of an enlarged "typical" mascara as Mega Plush features more oval shaped bristles. Also, the formula between the actual mascara in each tube is different...With this new Mega Plush mascara, maybelline launched their new "gel formula" the actual mascara didnt seem much different to me so i dont know about all this gel nonsence but whatever. Another new feature to this mascara is on the wand. as you can see...
(i do not own this photo)

there is a kink in the wand that makes it flexible and able to move more generously through your lashes. i think this is where maybelline made there mistake, this kink makes the wand more difficult to control and actually makes it harded to coat each individual lash. Also, back to the oval shaped bristels...with longer bristles in the middle and shorter ones on the middle lashes always get overly coated with mascara making them clumpy and gross. One coat of this mascara give length but a VERY natural length. It makes your lashes look longer but definatly not blacker. I would recomend this mascara by itself to a makeup beginner. How ever to anyone else, i would suggest appying two even coats of this mascara for length and one coat of another mascara that will darken and thicken your lashes. All in all, it's an Okay mascara, but i dont think ill be re purchasing it.

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  3. What a great review:) thanks for telling me about it on my blog. I actually reviewed this mascara as well! I love your lashes, by the way!!